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  • A marketer who found a proven way to grow his lists into thousands and generate multiple streams of income without bidding on AdWords or spending a cent on advertising!
  • An Asian guy who discovered how to "automate" his entire business and get extra affiliate commissions with less time and effort
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$uper Affiliate Insight #1

Colleen probably has gone through the same problems like you did... overcoming the major roadblocks that most of us can't - do you dare to know her secret?...

She started online back in 2001 (long time ago, huh?) 

She threw about $10,000, got nothing back, and then gave up... 

At the end of 2005 she started again... and now she's consistently making up to $20,000 a month

You can access the '$20,000+ a month' formula now...

Or take a legal peek into Colleen's mind:

  • How to give your affiliate sales a boost without PPC or any other form of paid advertising and out-compete all the other 1,000+ affiliates
  • Discover 4 cash-producing niches anyone can easily tap into and make a bunch of money fast...
  • Want to make money online? this is the KEY to affiliate marketing success: find out what people ___ , why they're ___ and how they're ___ ... (page 10)
  • These 6 little-known sites tell you what people desperately want (not what you think they need!) --- this is a sure-fire way to serve your market at the right time and accelerate your affiliate sales faster! (see page 11)
  • 8 highly popular sites expose what is hot in almost any niche! Few people know all of these, and the one most popularly used isn't the best
  • Are you using these 3 proven free traffic generating strategies to convert clicks into sales? I’m not talking about blogging, forum posting, banners or safe list promotion…
  • Is it really possible to write 300 short articles in 90 days?... (see page 12!)
  • Use article marketing in your affiliate business and you might get 121,535 clicks like Colleen did! Hint – her best article brought 18,254 clicks… but not overnight!
  • 7 highly popular video submitting sites for quick content upload at no cost - that's the free traffic method everybody craves about but only a few know how to use it! (page 16)
  • How to create your own web page in 60 seconds or less - this newbie-proof web-based tool allows you share your interests, get found by others, and even earn money with affiliate products… (page 17)
  • the "SECRET" to getting $16,000 per month (page 20)

$uper Affiliate Insight #2

Stephen definitely knows more about most of us when it comes to SEO, Google and back-links... but what Stephen is best at is this:

Releasing "giveaway" machines that generate passive traffic, leads and income... 

Creating simple mini-sites and catapulting his affiliate sales like never before...

 Access the "giveaway" profit machine here...

Or tap into Stephen's brain now:

  • The only application which 'alerts' on your desktop whenever you make a new ClickBank sale - and it's free! (page 22)
  • Why the "Think BIG!" sage advice leads to failure in 9 out of 10 cases (page 24)
  • Copycat these two mini-sites and see your income skyrocket like never before (see page 26)
  • A secret "gift" you can give potential affiliate customers that catapults your sales and leaves your competitors crying out loud! (it’s not a bunch of ebooks!)
  • The single bonus that almost always guarantees your customers will buy the affiliate product from YOUR link instead of others (page 27)
  • A legal "method" which enables you get access to customer-only products with the vendor's permission - without paying for them! (page 28)
  • How to crush most, if not all of your affiliate competitors – just use these 3 Super Affiliate strategies and see your sales increasing like never before (page 29)
  • 3 basic SEO "tricks" you can use right away to get on the first page of GOOGLE for any long-tail keywords in less than a few days (page 30)
  • How to turn from "unknown" into "Expert"... in 30 days or less! Following the same formula brought me 1,200 hot leads in 72 hours with just one partner - without selling anything! (page 32)

$uper Affiliate Insight #3

Eric is an Internet marketing expert who has generated million of dollars of online sales for various affiliate products, including his own...

He spent 6 figures learning how to do PPC the WRONG WAY...

Although he started dabbling in IM back in 1999, tried all sorts of things, eBay, etc... he found AM easier...

Unlock the 'multiple streams of income' secret here...

Or get inside the bright mind of Eric now:

  • Why it's important you test winning products before you create yours - and how to do it for low-cost and get traffic at the same time (page 35)
  • This mistake helps you avoid spending thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands on PPC promotion – when you get it right, you have a “guaranteed” long-term cash flow coming into your bank account! (see page 38)
  • How to get more clients to send you more money (every month) promoting affiliate products – is this possible? Answer is exposed on page 39!
  • What ClickBank affiliate products you should avoid promoting – this is the quick-fast formula for selecting hot-selling products without actually competing with the big players (page 40)
  • What is a squeeze page (aka landing page) and why do you need one?
  • An easy 10-step system for becoming a Super Affiliate in 30 days or less – without costing you an arm and a leg – in fact, PPC is optional!
  • Do you know the real KEY to Pay Per Click Success? Two words: ___ and ___ . Hint – it has nothing to do with the competition, nor with the bidding wars! (see the answer on page 44)

$uper Affiliate Insight #4

Ian is a young player, yet he turned his little company into a 18 full-time staff profit-pulling corporation that gets money on auto-pilot, 24/7... all in two short years!

He's not Einstein, although he knows how to get long-term profit producing results better than anyone else running membership sites, building lists and generating affiliate income...

Boost your affiliate commissions on "autopilot"...

Or pick Ian's cash-sucking brains now:

  • Why membership sites are important for your long-term business success and not having one is like struggling to make $300 per month while others are easily getting $3,000 per week... see page 47!
  • Why the #1 most important thing about AM is not your list, nor your site... and how to get it right before you kill your business without knowing it!
  • Do you make these 3 deadly affiliate mistakes? Hint – Ian did, so now you can learn not to! (see page 49-50)
  • The biggest mistake all newbie Internet Marketers and even some veterans are committing – this is the difference between making $100 per month and $1,000 or more per week (read page 51 for full info!)
  • Little-known affiliate product selection tips & tricks you might never have thought of before. Once you know these, picking the best program to promote will seem a total breeze - and you'll start making money, just like the big dogs!
  • Are you using these 3 simple methods to get traffic and boost your affiliate sales? (page 52)
  • Do you really know the KEY to selling a lot more affiliate stuff via e-mail without selling? (page 53)
  • How to pick your blog niche without doing exhaustive research or spending money (page 54)

$uper Affiliate Insight #5

"Never give up, never surrender" is Rod's motto... I guess that's why he is one of the most successful Joint Venture players in the IM field - he makes more money in a week than most people would make in a year.

ClickBank plays an important role in his success, along with ebook publishing and software product development

When he talks, everybody listens...

Unlock ClickBanks' full potential today...

Or tap into Rod's genius mind now:

  • How to successfully manage several projects at once and still keep your sanity (page 58)
  • Why the product selection is not as important as these two things! (page 59)
  • How to turn your long and ugly affiliate URLs into "sexy" links? Try this 100% free service! No, it’s not tiny url (see page 61)
  • How to select a good affiliate product in a niche that is constantly changing like the Internet Marketing field - this free membership site easily helps you find the best products to promote without spending hours! (page 62)
  • How to avoid the “list fatigue” phenomenon and keep your subscribers fresh and eager to buy from you each and every time you promote something good...
  • Which one is better – free article marketing or free press release promotion? The answer might not shock you but will definitely help you make more money! (see page 63)
  • The biggest mistake you have to avoid when doing article publishing and press release promotion or you’ll waste all your time, effort and marketing results!
  • 3 easy “tricks” you could use right now for getting your list subscribers to buy from you instead of your 1,000+ competitors (page 64)
  • The 'dirty' four-letter WORD that always guarantees high returns on your investment - see page 66!


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How much will it cost you not using the free-traffic methods shared by these successful affiliates?


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